Kid Cudi's First Sneaker Collaboration Is... Um... Weird

Cudder's Giuseppe Zanotti 2015 Spring/Summer High-Top is something else, alright.

kid cudi shoe
Photo by Hypebeast

You may have heard the name Giuseppe Zanotti before. You know, like, in a 2 Chainz song. Giuseppe, a luxury footwear designer, has created the monstrosity you see above, inspired by none other than Kid Cudi. That’s premium red Nappa leather and white midsole in a futuristic, intergalactic silhouette. Think high-end space boots for #influential astronauts. There’s even Cudi branding on the tongue and, yes, VELCRO baby. Look for this absurd collab coming in the spring of 2015. Suggestions we’ve seen floating around Twitter so far as to what this shoe actually looks like: Marge Simpson’s snowsuit, an avant garde chair, and “some sort of pillow monster humping a sneaker.” And they’ll probably run $500 a pair.

[via Nice Kicks, Hypebeast]

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  • SharkLzr

    This shoe is dope. You’re dumb.

  • kingsom

    There’s nothing wrong with these. I’ll totally rock them.

  • Medialegendz

    Dope as fuck

  • Peter Braun

    I’m not a huge fan of them, but bashing them is senseless and discourages innovation. At least Cudi went out and made something different, rather than releasing a half-baked colorway of a shoe that’s already popular.

  • GeorgeWKushwrldpce

    wuz this shoe in an accident bruh? cuz the airbags all gone off

  • Carter

    I feel like these could have been awesome, but that one extra stroke ruined the masterpiece.